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Rules of Healthy Eating and Living

Dis-ease essentially comes down to too much of something, or not enough of something. This could be too much processed food, junk food, alcohol, recreational drugs, toxins in the environment, trauma and not enough sleep, water, sunshine, nutrients, play, movement, laughter, and breathing fresh air. These imbalances may create chronic low grade inflammation, oxidation and oxidative stress, cell damage which may ultimately end up with body system dysfunction resulting in the start of dis-ease. Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is really at the core of it all!

Rules of Healthy Eating and Living

What are the rules of healthy eating and living and what should I be eating and doing to keep healthy? Our dinner plate should look like the split below.

Healthy eating plate split into components for protein, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and fruits
Macros and Vitamins and Minerals that make up our dinner plate.

  1. Eat vegetables and fruit every day, and aim for a diverse variety to get our vitamins and minerals that are protective of our bodies. They are full of the nutrition we need and take the guess work out of ensuring we meet the nutrient goals. Try reaching 30 vegetables in a week.

  2. Ensure you are eating healthy fats for energy and essential fatty acids for Omega 3 that is essential for our health. We are unable to make them in our bodies. Avoid artificial trans fats (fats manufactured or hydrogenated to become solid).

  3. Avoid processed, sugary foods. Added sugar causes diseases that ultimately kill people. Refined carbohydrates lack nutrients and create blood sugar spikes, and ultimately insulin resistance resulting in Metabolic Syndrome.

  4. Eat complex carbohydrate for energy, and that provides dietary fibre, that provides prebiotics which produce Short Chain Fatty Acids.

  5. Eat protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which make up our muscles and tissues in our body.

  6. Diets don't work. You need to adopt lifestyle changes that are easy for you. Ensuring your dinner plate is 50% vegetables & fruits, 25% protein, and 25% complex carbohydrate, with a small amount of healthy fat is an easy visual cue. Adding leafy greens to your diet on top of what you're currently eating is a great place to start.

  7. Supplements, through a naturopath, nutritionist or healthcare provider are not meant to be long term (as a general rule, but not definitive for some health conditions). They are only used short-term to get through health issues. Your body needs to obtain nutrients naturally via our foods. Pregnancy is a different scenario, and requires correct supplementation support.

  8. Ensure you are not Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and deficiencies can result in many health issues. Reversing Vitamin D can have profound health effects. Best to obtain it my exposure to the sun.

  9. Drink water. Water makes up 50-75% of our bodies and is used for so many processes. Without water, we grind to a halt. The colour of our urine indicates how well we do with this.

  10. Keep alcohol to a minimum for special occasions.

  11. Move our bodies more.

  12. Focus on sleep hygiene. Relax and incorporate relaxation techniques.

  13. Enjoy yourself! Happiness is a big contributor to health. Enjoy doing what you do. Life is too short to eb unhappy doing what you do.

  14. Minimise and ultimately remove addictions, or mental crutches. Without cleaning up our health and lifestyle, we can begin the process of dis-ease. Good food, will create good neurotransmitters, that will assist with mental health.

Prevent the Start of Dis-ease

Ensuring we keep our detoxification pathways open and clear is paramount to prevention of disease. A simple message is "If we are not eliminating/ detoxifying/ draining toxins, then we are accumulating toxins, which means we are becoming more toxic and our body will begin not to function properly, and with that begins dis-ease".

If we make sure that what we put into our body is nourishing and we keep our detoxification pathways open and clear, we will go a long way to preventing the start of dis-ease.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms, then please don't hesitate to make an appointment to discuss, on the bookings tab on my website via the booking button below.

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