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Health Concerns & How They Begin

Key Points:

  • Cellular Metabolism is the elimination of metabolic rubbish from our cells

  • Without efficient Cellular Metabolism, we can induce Oxidative Stress, and Inflammatory changes in our bodies

  • Our cells sense this danger and the 'Cell Danger Response' is initiated, with subsequent Dis-ease following

Just like we as humans eat our food, drink, and get rid of our waste - so too do our cells. Every cell in our body consumes and excretes. This process is known as cellular metabolism. The cells exit their waste into the lymphatic system, and the lymphatic system takes that garbage and transports it to our blood circulation for detoxification and excreted via our poop and urine.

The lymphatic system doesn't move unless we do, hence the importance of not sitting all the time but including exercise. If we don't move, and our lymphatic system doesn't move, then our cellular waste sits and causes inflammation, much like a stagnant pond allows bacteria to grow and flourish. Yuk!

So if we lead 'inflammatory' lifestyles, are exposed to too much pollution, heavy metals, have too much chronic stress (physically and mentally) in our lives etc and it's just too much for our bodies to deal with, then we can end up initiating the Cell Danger Response, and this is when we start seeing symptoms, and this is the start of disease.

Oxidative stress leads to Inflammation which leads to the cascade of the Cell Danger Response.

Our body recognises signs of inflammation and this is the basis of our health concerns and how they begin. Our cells, which are the smallest building blocks of our body, sense danger and so they adapt. This is primarily a great thing if it's short acting (in acute scenarios). If the danger continues long term and becomes chronic, that's not a great thing. As a consequence our body starts to let us know things aren't right. Signs may be: impaired vision, weight issues, diabetes, cardiac issues, and many more.

In essence, if you don't eat nutritiously the majority of the time, don't get enough sleep, don't drink enough water, don't move your body (gently), sit too long, don't breathe correctly....we can experience what's known as the 'cell danger response', and subsequently the beginnings of dis-ease. We can see early signs, feel early symptoms, and can see it in our pathology results well before our results are 'out of range' and needing medical treatment.

Picture of our cell mitochondria where important cellular processes occur, and where disease can begin if not looked after well.
Mitochondria are the power stations of our body where important cellular functions assure. Mitochondrial malfunctions show up as signs of illness and dis-ease.

How can I rectify my health concerns and where do I begin?

A lot of the time our health concerns are all linked. Some simple steps to rectify this connection can be:

  • Eating whole foods and in season

  • Sleeping well and making it a priority

  • Diaphragmatic breathing and consciously not sitting and shallow breathing

  • Not letting stress live 'rent-free' in your head

  • Gentle exercise (not stressful)

  • Committing to small changes is usually the biggest thing we can do

  • A clean environment as much as we can control

  • Metabolic fitness

  • Looking after the genes we've inherited are all steps we can take.

"The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step"

It may sound boring, but the cell danger response and 'dis-ease' is is where we may all end up if we don't look after ourselves. Remember - none of us are perfect - committing to change 80% of the time is a good goal, being consistent with that commitment, resting our mind and moving our body more are all achievable goals.

If you feel you would like to discuss your personal circumstances with me please feel free to make an appointment.

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  • 'The Thyroid Debacle' by Dr. Eric Balcavage & Dr. Kelly Halderman


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