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Grazing Board

Recipes ensuring your food is your medicine!

I am a recipe follower. I find it helps my family and I plan meals for the week, to do our grocery shopping, and ensure we stay on track with eating healthy throughout the week (well at least 80% of the time...). Eating should be about enjoyment and eating the rainbow of colours is not only visually appealing, it is literally ensuring that your "Food is your Medicine" from a Naturopathic and Nutritional standpoint. I hope you enjoy the recipes taken from many wonderful cooks, with all credit given to those responsible for creating family favourites in our home.

Continental Breakfast

Breakfast ideas to set you up for the day!

This is the time of the day to "break the fast" with some healthy options. The better the breakfast, the more likely you will be energised and set up for your day.

Lunch ideas with an abundance of colours!

Lunches can often be leftovers from the previous evening's meal (if your family members haven't already pinched them from you), or it can be an abundance of fresh flavours and colours - the more the better!

Avocado Sandwich
Asian Dinner Meal

Dinner ideas from varied cuisines!

So many dinner ideas to choose from with loads of cuisines reflected. We try and make sure we have completed our vegetable intake by the end of the day.

Snack ideas that are healthy & enjoyable!

Most of us like a little treat every now and then. We have many healthy and enjoyable snack options available for those times. Enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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